Advisory Consulting Group, LLC’s (“ACG”) clients benefit from working with a team that has over 25 years of retirement plan investment expertise. And, since providing retirement plan services is all that we do, our focus allows us to have the specialization that our clients need to construct, evaluate and maintain their plan investment menus.

We are a registered investment advisory firm without any affiliation to an investment product. We work with our clients in a fiduciary capacity and charge a fee for our services. In short, our clients’ interests are our interests.

Our investment advisory services typically include the following:

   Investment Policy Statement:

ACG assists clients in preparing an Investment Policy Statement (“IPS”) based on a client’s specific investment goals and objectives. ACG recognizes that the IPS needs to be designed with each client’s specific goals and needs in mind. As such, ACG offers clients a customized IPS that is far more flexible and suitable than are many of the standard documents otherwise available. On an ongoing basis, we monitor and update the IPS as is necessary or appropriate.

   Investment Performance Analytics:

Current Portfolio Analysis: At the outset of our relationship, ACG performs a thorough evaluation of a client’s current investment program, including investment structure, individual components of each fund, fee structures, manager selection processes, possible conflicts of interest, peer universe comparisons and on-going evaluation procedures. The analysis will culminate in a business evaluation of all contracts, custodial documents and performance monitors.

Ongoing Portfolio Analysis: ACG analyzes a vast universe of data in order to select investments that meet our standards of quality and fit within the client’s objectives. The focus of the due diligence process is to identify investments with integrity, strong organizations, consistent style and a successful track record. To do this the following data points are typically evaluated:

  • Investment analysis by asset class (domestic equity, international equity, fixed income) including market capitalization (small, medium, and large), and investment objective (value, blend, and growth orientation);
  • Performance relative to other investments in the same asset class;
  • Investment performance relative to benchmark performance for the same asset class;
  • Style based analysis to determine the impact of an investment being managed differently than its stated investment objective;
  • Common objective risk and return statistical measurements, such as Sharpe ratio, standard deviation, and alpha;
  • Financial strength, stability, and reputation of the investment provider, and individual investments offered by and through the investment provider.
  • Investment philosophy, process, and style; and
  • Investment fees

Note that ACG works with clients to customize the portfolio review and analysis criteria.  As such, the above criteria can certainly be modified as we develop the specific investment policy criteria for each client.

Ongoing Investment Monitoring and Reporting: ACG understands that significant fund and market developments can and do occur in between regularly-scheduled client committee meetings.  To address this, ACG monitors client investment menus throughout the year providing clients with periodic updates on material events impacting our clients’ fund menus.  If necessary, ad hoc committee meetings can be scheduled should the event require immediate discussion or action.