Retirement plans and the retirement plan industry are complex.  Advisory Consulting Group, LLC (“ACG”) assists clients by providing a variety of consultative services that go far beyond the review of the plan’s investment menu.  These include, but are not limited to:

Plan Design: Our firm provides detailed plan design review consulting with the goal of aligning the design of the plan with the needs of the sponsor and participants.  Unlike many firms that focus solely on investment advice, our organization has expertise to engage clients on the entirety of their plan(s).  Our knowledge related to plan design options allows clients to evolve beyond the basic design elements offered by many vendors in this industry and to structure a plan that specifically addresses their needs.

Plan Compliance: ACG specializes in assisting plan sponsors navigate through the complexities of regulatory compliance. This includes assistance with the identification and correction of operational and fiduciary failures.

Vendor Management / Fee Review consulting:  ACG performs comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research and analysis customized for clients, which includes analyzing plan expenses and vendor relationships and services. Note that our vendor interactions typically go beyond just fee analysis and negotiation (although this is certainly an important aspect of our service).  Our deep knowledge of the retirement plan industry and vendor capabilities allows us to be an effective advocate for clients in all facets of the vendor relationship.

Vendor Search consulting:  ACG frequently assists clients with a review and selection of alternative vendor(s) for their retirement plans.  Our familiarity with the retirement plan marketplace, along with our long-standing contact with the major vendors in the industry, allow ACG to effectively guide our clients through the vendor search process.  Our search process incorporates a multi-faceted review of vendor investments, pricing, services and philosophy to allow clients to make an informed decision.  Our team coordinates the process from start to finish with involvement throughout the conversion process to ensure the smoothest and most positive outcome for the plan.

Committee Governance consulting:  ACG provides clients with retirement plan committee governance assistance as needed.  This may include assistance with committee composition, roles and responsibilities, investment policy statement preparation, charter documentation and other services tailored to meet the specific needs of the client.

Merger and Acquisition consulting: ACG provides assistance to clients related to merger and acquisitions activity.  This often includes analyzing alternatives with respect to the disposition of the acquired company’s retirement plan, performing plan comparisons and protected benefit analyses as well as benchmarking and mapping retirement plan fund menus.

Plan Administration consulting:  As necessary, ACG works with clients and vendors to ensure that the plan operates in an efficient and compliant manner. In addition to investment expertise, our leadership has decades of experience in the administration and recordkeeping fields allowing our clients to leverage in-depth and real-world experience on best practices in the administration of retirement plans.